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Journeying from Wilderness to "What's Next?"

24 Hours of Prayer

8am Saturday 27th - 9am Sunday 28th March 2021

Praying for our world, the church and ourselves beyond lockdown.


The programme and themes for the day are shown below. The following documents can be downloaded for the day:

Introduction and Outline               Prayer Material for the Day                Prayer and Worship through Holy Week


There are several ways to be involved:

1. Prayer Slots. The day will be divided into one hourly ‘slots’ with the hope that there will be at least two people praying each hour. You can ‘sign up’ for an hour (or several) by booking a slot online (, by phoning Joyce (see Dorothy's email), or by emailing us.

2. Zoom Prayer Sessions. 30-minute ‘prayer gatherings’ on Zoom throughout the day (see document for times). These are an opportunity to pray together and share our reflections on the day. Zoom details in Dorothy's email.

3. Prayer Top Ups. 5 minutes, online, pre-recorded sessions designed to encourage us and help us to pray. These will be available via the Stanhope Methodist YouTube channel at the times given in the programme.

4. Creative Retreat Day. Join friends from the Durham & Deerness Valley Methodist Circuit for a day long retreat. You need to book in advance. Contact Sue Smith for details and to book.

8am – 1pm A Spirit led Journey

  • 8.30am - 9am                 Zoom prayer gathering

  • 10am & 12noon             Top-ups (available online)

  • 10am - 12:30pm             Join Durham & Deerness Valley Methodist Circuit Creative Retreat Day

1pm – 5pm A Simple Journey

  • 1.30pm - 2pm                 Zoom prayer gathering

  • 2pm & 4pm                     Top-ups (available online)

  • 3pm - 4pm                       Join Durham & Deerness Valley Methodist Circuit Creative Retreat Day

5pm – 9pm A Sorrowful Journey

  • 5pm - 5.30pm                 Zoom prayer gathering

  • 6pm & 8pm                     Top-ups (available online)

9pm – 1am (GMT) A Sacrificial Journey

  • 9pm - 9.30pm                  Zoom prayer gathering

  • 10pm and 12midnight   Top-ups (available online)

2am (BST) – 5am A Truth-speaking Journey

  • 2am & 4am                      Top-ups (available online)

5am – 9am Approaching Holy week

  • 6am - 6.30am                  Zoom prayer gathering

  • 7am                                  Top-up (available online)

  • 8.30am - 9am                  Zoom prayer gathering

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