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I Will Build My Church

24 hours of prayer to discern God's will and purpose for us, His church


The West Durham Circuit is planning a series of services for September and October to look at how our churches will be changed as a result of the pandemic and the experience of lockdown. This is an opportunity to reflect on how we might intentionally do things differently as we discern what God is asking of us. The first service will be on Sunday 6th Sept at 10.30 and will be streamed online.

We intend to start this period of reflection (and the new Connexional year), with a period of 24-hour prayer from 9am on Saturday 5th September until 9am on Sunday 6th September, leading on to our morning worship at 10.30am online.

The theme of the prayer day is ‘I will Build my Church’ and we would encourage you to take part if possible.
You can join in the 24-hour prayer day in the following ways:


  • Online sessions. During the day there will be seven short sessions which will be streamed on our YouTube channel, each lasting about 15 minutes. These will take place on Saturday at 9:00am, 12 noon, 4pm and 8pm, and on Sunday at 12 midnight, 4am and 8am. Each session will look at an image of the church found in the New Testament. We will use these as a focus of prayer and reflection.

  • Materials to help you reflect and pray can be downloaded here.

  • 24-hour prayer rota. The day has been divided into hourly slots. We aim to have individuals praying every hour of the day (and night). Please get in touch with your church contact if you want to book a slot, or just choose an hour and start praying!

  • During the day – please pray us much as you are able. We realise that, depending on your circumstances, you may be able to pray for a short time only. Please don’t worry about that as all prayer is important.

If, during or after the prayer day, you want to make a comment or share a thought or word, you can do this on our Forum, where you can also see and respond to what other people have shared. (Instructions on how to use the Forum are available here.) Unfortunately, only text can be put on the Forum, not pictures, but we can put pictures on this page if you send them in.

Pictures from Today

United in Love
United in God's Love.jpeg
Holy Spirit, bind us together in love and set our hearts on fire
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