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Knitted Angels!


This year we are knitting angels for Christmas. That may sound like a strange thing to do, but read on to find out more!

Why are we making angels?

The vision for these knitted angels is for them to be hung throughout Weardale in the week leading up to Christmas. We hope to make as many as we can, by getting lots of people involved. If 30 knitters made 10 Angels each, we would have 300 we could distribute around the Dale, but don’t let that stop you from making more!!

Angels are God’s messengers and on the first Christmas they spread the news of hope and joy about Jesus’ birth. With Covid-19 affecting so many people’s lives, and the inability for us to gather together to celebrate Christmas (because of restrictions), we all need a reminder of hope. We also hope that they will bring joy to those who make them, and bring a smile to the faces of those who see them this Christmas.

Once the angels have been made and gathered in, they will have a tag attached to them with a website address where people will find a Christmas message about Hope.

They will then be placed throughout the Dale (from Cowshill to Wolsingham), as well as delivered to isolated people’s homes as part of a Christmas hamper.

How you can help

We would love any knitters to get involved. You can download a pattern below. (There is also a crochet pattern if preferred.)


There are also YouTube tutorials for making the angels and their wings, which you will find below, or on our YouTube channel.


If you require any wool please contact Caroline, whose details are below.

We hope you enjoy making these angels.

Please can you drop off any made angels in a carrier bag to:

Caroline Sawyer, 22 East End, Stanhope, DL13 2YG by 7th December 
If you are unable to deliver them please call Caroline on: 07790913780 for them to be collected.

(In line with Covid guidance, they will be stored for at least 72hrs before distribution)

With thanks to the churches in Weardale for their help and inspiration and to the Woollyback.

How to Knit an Angel

How to Knit Angel Wings

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