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What a Journey!

Join Dionne and the very wise Cow Sally as they journey

from the birth of Jesus to the gifts from the wise men.

Meet real life animals ~ Sheep, ducks, hens and dogs!

Special guest appearances from 5 young people

and beautiful coloured pictures from Willington.

There will be lots of fun!! Lots and lots of fun!!!

Available here from 11am on Wed 6th January.

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Sally and Dionne pic 50%.jpg

We have some exciting online children's events coming up over Christmas and the New Year, that you will be able to access from this page.

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Children's Christmas Events

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Crib Service


I'm sorry, but I've had some technical problems with the Crib Service today. I've put together a video of some of the contributions from young people from across the Circuit that I had hoped to include in the service.

There are also lots of Crib Services you can watch on YouTube. I've found some for you here.

Christmas Sing-Along!

Holiday Club - The Wonder of Christmas

Day 3: The Wonder of Christmas - Story Song And Prayer

Day 3: The Wonder of Christmas - Waiting Snowmen Craft

Day 2: The Wonder of Christmas Story continues....

Mary and Joseph journey to Bethlehem

Day 2: The Wonder of Christmas Craft - make some finger puppets

Day 1: The Wonder of Christmas Story

Day 1: The Wonder of Christmas Craft

Weardale Christingle Service

Click here to watch the Christingle service on YouTube

Christmas Journey

Donkey Puppet.jpg
Sheep Puppet.jpg
Christmas Journey.jpg
Cow Puppet.jpg
Horse Puppet.jpg

See how Mary baked her bread

Meet Joseph and his donkey, Shona the sheep and the shepherds

Enjoy the puppet show with the animals

And more!

Click here to watch the Christmas Journey on YouTube

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